August 25, 2022

Empower your Clients and Grow your Business with the Partnership Program

Written by Karli Stone

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

At Apollo, we believe in the power of creating connections and building community to help our customers succeed.

That’s why we’ve created the Apollo Partnership Program, an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to join our mission of helping businesses everywhere move deals forward with world-class data and seamless automation.

With a custom-fitted partnership plan, your business can unlock more revenue through increased brand exposure, rewards and discounts, and exclusive rights to promote and resell Apollo as a new vetted partner.

Keep reading to learn more about the Apollo Partnership Program and how you can become a part of it.

An overview of the Apollo Partnership Program

The Apollo Partnership Program is an opportunity for innovative organizations to create a mutually beneficial partnership with the Apollo team. This includes offerings like unique go-to-market benefits, dynamic integrations with our application, commission on customer referrals, and so much more.

No matter what you offer or what industry you’re in, there’s an opportunity to work alongside Apollo through one of our four partnership offerings:

  • Affiliate partnership. Love using Apollo? Spread the word across your networks and reap the rewards. Affiliate partners earn a 20% commission on all referrals who become Apollo customers.
  • Agency partnership. Help your clients hit their sales goals with Apollo’s vast B2B database and end-to-end sales engine. Agency partners gain exclusive rights to resell Apollo as a vetted partner and have the ability to link and manage client accounts with ease.
  • Technology partnership. Deliver even more value to your customers with Apollo data directly in your product, integrations that improve usability, and opportunities to attract users of Apollo as new customers. Join our growing list of technology partners.
  • Startup ecosystem partnership. Help startups you’re associated with grow faster and easier, while adding value to your program offering. A startup ecosystem partner can incentivize and support startup clients with access to Apollo’s in-depth B2B database and engagement features at a discounted rate.

From agencies and consultants to influencers and investors, Apollo has over 130 unique and successful partnerships across dozens of industries.

Shaun Starkey, Sr. Strategic Partner Manager at Vidyard, says it best, “We’re proud to be an Apollo technology partner. Our customers love using Apollo for accurate contact data and prospecting, and now they can embed our Vidyard videos in their Apollo outbound email sequences. This partnership has truly been a win for both of our companies!”

The benefits of partnering with Apollo

#1: Boost brand awareness and expand your market reach

With over 1 million users and a rapidly growing reputation as the world’s best B2B database (our customer’s words, not ours!), Apollo can help you instantly increase your credibility, as well as your brand exposure.

As an established partner, you’ll receive co-marketing resources and opportunities that are sure to increase brand awareness, expand your market reach, and bring new prospects straight into your pipeline.

#2: Gain access to exclusive Apollo rewards and discounts

When you team up with Apollo, you get:

  • The ability to offer Apollo product discounts to your clients, adding it to your list of offerings and helping you stand out from your competitors
  • Exclusive rewards and commission when you refer Apollo to members of your network and client base
  • Access to a dedicated partner manager who oversees co-marketing opportunities, provides resources for your success, and assures that the partnership as a whole is running smoothly

All of this, with no sign-up fees, no sales minimum, and no stress.

#3: Receive support where you need it most with a custom-fitted, flexible partnership plan

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Apollo partnerships are created and adapted to meet our partners’ specific needs.

Beyond our four diverse partnership plans, our team is open and flexible to creating unique partnerships that serve both of our businesses.

If you’re looking for a uniquely-crafted partnership, reach out to our team at We’d love to work alongside you in creating your ideal partnership.

#4: Meet your goals and grow your business

Our partners gain new sources of recurring revenue every day.

Crush your sales goals by integrating your software with Apollo, incentivizing prospects with Apollo deals and discounts, enriching your own solutions, and/or helping your clients see results with our world-class B2B data and engagement solutions.

Through your affiliation with Apollo, our users will be able to discover your company through an array of different channels and marketing collaborations, too. Not to mention that many of your target accounts will be even more eager to work with you when Apollo’s at your side.

Become an Apollo Partner today and watch your business skyrocket.

Join the Apollo mission to help businesses everywhere find the right buyers and move deals forward with world-class data and seamless automation.

Not sure where to start or where your company might fit in? Let’s chat! You can contact our partnerships team via email at

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